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23 Jun 2015

SunWater has updated online access for the public to check dam and weir levels in their local area.

Members of the public can visit and see water storage levels in 19 dams and 33 weirs and barrages operated by SunWater Limited across Queensland.

SunWater’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Boettcher, said the online information was designed to provide residents and interested members of the public with more information on SunWater’s dam and weir levels.

"If you live near a SunWater Dam or are planning to visit one for recreational purposes, you can now see daily water storage levels," Mr Boettcher said.

"This is a user-friendly local resource that is easy to check, and information about dam and weir levels is updated a number of times each day."

"SunWater has improved the statistics displayed so people can see how much water is stored and any spills from its dams or weirs."

"We hope this will be a useful resource for customers, local communities and recreational visitors," he said.

The website provides information about full and current storage capacity and levels as well as how much water levels have changed during a 24-hour period.

A map of Queensland linking to storage levels at SunWater dams and weirs within each scheme can be found at

The webpage also contains links to current Blue-Green Algae alerts.

For information on current flood warnings and river levels throughout the catchment local residents should refer to the Bureau of Meteorology at


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