Don’t compromise safety to secure an ‘ideal’ fishing location

17 Sep 2015

Members of the public are being urged by SunWater to read the signs and stay safe when looking for the ‘ideal’ fishing location at Peter Faust Dam.

On two occasions in the past week, members of the public have been caught ignoring warning signs near the dam’s valve house when looking for a good fishing spot.

On one occasion a group ignored instructions from SunWater staff when asked to move to designated public access areas and then subsequently even attempting to hide to avoid being caught again.

SunWater’s Northern Service Manager James Mummery said it was disappointing to see people blatantly ignore warning signs to illegally enter areas that are unsafe for pubic access.

"Dam operational areas are not safe for recreational use due to a range of safety hazards, including regular water releases with varying pressure, uneven rock surfaces and steep slopes," he said.

"Our staff regularly patrols operational areas at the dam and we have reported the vehicle registrations to the police.

"Fishing and trespassing in unauthorised areas is strictly prohibited and no one wants to see people putting themselves in danger and breaking the law."

Acting Sergeant Mark Flynn from the Proserpine police station said the Queensland Police Service is also concerned about the safety of members of the public who attempt unauthorised entry to restricted areas such as these.

"The areas are closed to public access to prevent injury to members of the community,” Sergeant Flynn said.

"It only takes common sense to read the signs, obey the law and avoid tragedy."

Peter Faust Dam is a popular fishing destination located near Proserpine and supplies water for irrigation in the area.


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