SunWater prepares for severe weather in North Queensland

30 Jan 2014

SunWater is preparing for cyclonic conditions in North Queensland after the Bureau of Meteorology issued a Tropical Cyclone Watch for the coastline between Cairns and Mackay.

SunWater Chief Executive, Peter Boettcher, said SunWater is well prepared for tropical storms likely to hit the Queensland coast over the next few days.

"SunWater’s dams are purpose-built to store water to full capacity, and then safely manage any further excess inflows by diverting them through purpose built spillway overflows," he said.

Mr Boettcher said SunWater staff were closely monitoring the weather system and have commenced preparations for heavy rainfall in the event that it falls within dam catchments.

"During the likely cyclone activity, SunWater’s operators will continue to monitor all inflows into our dam catchment zones and based on available information, operate the dam in line with well established safety-focused operating procedures," he said.

"Operational staff rosters have been developed and staff are on standby to be mobilised to site, if required.

"SunWater has also commenced testing and refuelling generators at our dams in the event that they are required to maintain power supply."

Mr Boettcher said SunWater has comprehensive communication protocols in place which ensured all relevant emergency services and disaster groups were updated regularly during severe weather events, to ensure those agencies can fulfill their role of advising downstream stakeholders of any appropriate action that may need to be taken.

  • Flood warnings, flood levels and river flow forecasts: contact local councils, local disaster management groups or the Bureau of Meteorology.

  • Flood damage, road closures, crowd control: contact local councils or police.

  • Disaster relief: contact the State Emergency Service (SES) or visit the QldAlert website.

  • SunWater dam storage levels: visit SunWater’s Water Storage Levels webpage.


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