Close call at Bundaberg weir could have been tragic

21 Oct 2014

During National Water Week, SunWater has slammed the actions of three trespassers who were seen with a baby, risking their lives by fishing off the outlet structure at Bundaberg’s Bucca Weir last week.

SunWater Central Region Service Manager Milton Pukallus said a staff member saw the group past barbed wire fence and warning signs, fishing at the downstream side of the weir around 11am on 17 October.

"It’s alarming to see members of the public blatantly ignore warning signs and cross safety fencing, putting themselves at risk," Mr Pukallus said.

"What’s even more shocking in this case is that the group appeared to have set up a baby’s portable cot, balancing on the edge of the concrete structure," he said.

"Anyone standing too close to the outlet structure risks being swept downstream as water released from the weir can move quickly and with force.

"Not only is it extremely dangerous to enter these areas, it is also illegal. SunWater has reported this incident to local police, who are conducting extra patrols at the site.

"We are also investing in additional fencing and signage to increase existing safety and security measures.

"Ultimately, all visitors should heed safety signage and remain in designated recreational areas, well away from weir walls and outlet structures.

"It only takes a few moments to read the signs and stay safe around our water infrastructure to avoid tragedy."


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