Water Restriction Update – Isis System

08 Feb 2013

Further to the restriction advice provided this week. SunWater has consulted with local grower and industry representatives and have collectively determined that a roster system is required to be implemented to manage the limited remaining water in the scheme. This roster is not intended for general irrigation needs and irrigators should only irrigate crops that are in critical need of water during this time. This roster will remain in place during the repair period and SunWater along with local grower and industry groups are asking irrigators to cooperate with these restrictions for the benefit of all.

Don Beattie (Isis) Pumpstation has suffered significant flood damage as a result of the recent flooding of the Burnett River. The damage includes major earthworks loss and extensive siltation. The result of this siltation is the total loss of pumping capacity.

Surveys are under way to determine the extent of the siltation and to establish a plan to rectify. Staff, contractors & repair companies are doing everything possible to restore supply as soon as possible. We estimate that the desilting operation will take about 6 days once safe access to the river bank has been established.

Temporary roster for the irrigation of those crops that are in critical need of water during this time.

The roster will be a 1 day in 3 rotation for each section.

Isis System roster and sections

Upper section, 1day in 3, starting on day 1, Saturday 9 February.

Includes pipelines and areas;

  • IS1 – Sully & Dowdings Road
  • IS2 – Forestry Road/Voss Road
  • IS3 – Forestry Road
  • IS4 – Turpentine Road, McCarthy’s Road
  • IS5 – Dilger’s Road
  • IS6 – Newlands Road, Tetzzlaff’s Road
  • IS7 – Foley’s Road
  • GVM – Givelda
  • GV1 – Givelda
  • GV2 – Givelda
  • all IMC offtakes from pine ck rd to logging creek

Farnsfield Section, 1day in 3, starting on day 2, Sunday 10 February.

Includes pipelines and areas;

  • F01 – Farnsfield Road, Knockroe Road
  • F02 – McDonald’s Road, Farnsfield Road
  • F03 – Farnsfield Road, Marano’s Road, Prange’s Road
  • F04 – Pitt’s Road, Tramway Road
  • F05 – Bourchardt’s Road, Gary Owen Road
  • F06 – Gary Owen Road
  • F07 – Gary Owen Road
  • F08 – Coach Road
  • F09 – Neighbour’s Road, Webb’s Road, Sim’s Road

Childers Section, 1 day in 3, starting on day 3, Monday 11 February.

Includes pipelines and areas;

  • LCM – Isis Highway
  • LC1 – Isis Highway, Iletts Road
  • CMC – Isis Highway
  • C01 – Cordalba Road/Clayton’s Road
  • C02 – Mill Road
  • C03 – Knockroe Road
  • C04 – Huxley Road
  • C05 – Abington Road, Goodwood Road, Gorrie’s Road, Schmid’s Road
  • C06 – Morrison’s Road, Doolbi Road
  • C07 – Conlon’s Road
  • C08 – Luckett’s Road
  • C09 – Cook’s Road
  • C11 – South Isis Road, Butcher’s Road
  • DH1 – Huxley Road, Lynwood Road
  • DH2 – Isis Highway, Kevin Livingston Drive, Isis Central Mill
  • DH3 – Madsen’s Road
  • DH4 – Madsen’s Road, Adie’s Road
  • DH5 – Adie’s Road, Hodge’s Road

This roster and any updates to the roster will be placed on the SunWater website sunwater.com.au and will be published in local papers and announced on radio when possible.

If you have any questions with regard to this matter please do not hesitate to phone the Customer Support Team on 13 15 89 or your industry representative.

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