SunWater to commence preparation works at Paradise Dam

22 Mar 2013

SunWater advises that the water level of Paradise Dam has been lowered to 2 metres below the full supply level which will enable preparation works at the dam to begin today.

SunWater commenced releases from Paradise Dam at around 9pm on Monday 18 March. Initially the plan was to draw the water level down in the dam to 1 metre below the crest of the dam. However, given the rate of inflows still going into the dam and the time required to undertake the preparatory works for the repairs, the water level has been drawn down by 2 metres to provide an appropriate buffer to safely undertake these activities in the event of rain in the catchment.

The Paradise Dam spillway dissipator, which is the concrete slab at the base of the dam, was damaged as a result of the Australia Day weekend floods requiring immediate repair.

SunWater Chief Executive Officer, Peter Boettcher, said that this afternoon SunWater had commenced closing the environmental flow outlet, and that its repair schedule was occurring as planned with SunWater to commence preparation works on the dam site for the next six days in order to secure the area for the repairs to the dissipator and scour hole.

"The repair of the dam has required a sequential process of works to ensure the safety of our staff and the structure at all times," Mr Boettcher said.

"Our first task was to reduce the level of the water below the spillway. Now that this has been achieved, we are undertaking preparation works involving building an access crossing and a small levee bank around the area where the repairs will take place."

Mr Boettcher said that the preparation works are expected to take six days, after which time the repairs to the dissipator and scour hole will take a number of weeks.

"At this time it is difficult to be precise with the time estimate for completion of repairs. Some of the damaged area is still under water. After we have completed the preparation works and pumped water out of the damaged area, a thorough inspection will define the scope of works required," Mr Boettcher said.

Mr Boettcher said that the safety of SunWater’s customers, staff and local residents remains the first priority as the works are carried out.

"There are no expected impacts on residents in the area."

"However we will continue to provide information directly to the Local Disaster Management Group, our customers and local residents as these works progress," he said.


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