SunWater completes flood repairs at Callide Dam for the wet season

03 Dec 2013

SunWater has announced the completion of repairs at Callide Dam to rectify damage to the dam’s gates sustained during a flood event in early 2013, caused by ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald.

SunWater’s General Manager, Bulk Water and Irrigation Systems, Tom Vanderbyl said SunWater commenced repairs in October after post-flood inspections revealed two gates at the dam were damaged during the record flood.

"At the peak of the event, all six gates were opened, safely passing an estimated 173,000 megalitres of water per day," he said.

"After the peak event, two of the dam’s six gates were damaged and were taken out of service while the damage was assessed."

Mr Vanderbyl said while the damage did not present an immediate safety hazard, SunWater prioritised the repairs to ensure both gates were returned to service as soon as possible.

"The rectification works involved repairs to the damaged gates and load testing to ensure all gates are in sound working order for the wet season."

Callide Dam forms part of the Callide Valley Water Supply Scheme, storing and supplying up to 136,300 megalitres of raw water to Biloela, Callide Power Station, downstream irrigation customers and supplementing groundwater supplies through recharge within the Callide Valley.

Mr Vanderbyl thanked the local community for their patience and support during the repair program.


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