SunWater stresses safety in new advertising campaign

26 Mar 2012

SunWater is launching a new advertising campaign throughout regional Queensland to remind people to be mindful of dangers surrounding water infrastructure such as dams, weirs and water channels.

A series of advertisements will screen on regional television from March 25 which will be supported by billboard advertisements at all SunWater dams depicting the safety slogan, ‘Read the signs – Don’t take risks – Stay safe’.

The advertisements serve to remind visitors to dam recreation areas to take notice of safety signs and to not engage in risky behaviour such as camping outside of designated camping areas, swimming in no-go zones or boating too close to spillway exclusion zones.

SunWater Safety, Strategy and Risk General Manager, Tom Vanderbyl said the advertisement’s message aimed to eliminate the incidence of visitors to SunWater’s dams undertaking dangerous activities.

"When we looked into it we found that a common theme has been that people involved in safety-related incidents at our dams had ignored the warning signs or climbed over barrier fences and, as a result, taking unnecessary risks," Mr Vanderbyl said.

"We want all visitors to SunWater’s facilities to have an enjoyable and safe time which means that everyone needs to make safety their priority."

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