SunWater final advice on Moolabah Weir

10 Feb 2012

Today SunWater advised that the Moolabah Weir at St George remains stable.

Flood waters into the Thuraggi water course have subsided. As a result there is no longer flood waters entering the Thuraggi water course.

Flood water has ceased flowing over the top of the weir and the level of water behind the weir is continuing to decrease.

SunWater is continuing to release water from the weir’s release gates to reduce the load on the weir, however SunWater is gradually decreasing these releases to minimise any impact on the Moonie Highway.

Local SunWater staff will remain at the site undertaking regular surveillance of the weir and providing status updates to SunWater engineers.

SunWater will now undertake a thorough inspection of the weir and implement preliminary maintenance activities.

Moolabah Weir is located in St George on the Thuraggi Water Course upstream of the Moonie Highway bridge. The weir has a storage capacity of approximately 2,000 ML of water under normal circumstances.


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