Pipeline complete and set to deliver additional water supply to Chinchilla community

17 Dec 2012

SunWater has completed construction and commissioning of its 20km buried pipeline that will be used to transport treated coal seam gas (CSG) water to the town of Chinchilla and local farmers as part of the proposed Chinchilla Beneficial Use Scheme.

Construction of the 20km buried pipeline was completed in December 2011 and took just five months to complete. Following significant efforts, including testing and the acquisition of important approvals, the Kenya to Chinchilla Weir Pipeline is expected to be operational in December 2012.

SunWater’s General Manager of Infrastructure Development Mark Browne said the project was a first for Queensland and will transport treated CSG water for beneficial use.

"QGC have been working to complete their Kenya Water Treatment Plant and are starting to release an initial volume of water that can be supplied to local landholders who are situated along the pipeline," he said.

"We are hopeful that the full forecast supply of up to 85ML per day will be able to be released to the remainder of the Chinchilla Beneficial Use Scheme by mid 2013."

"The Chinchilla town water supply will also be supplemented by treated CSG water volumes, following the approval of the Recycled Water Management Plan (RWMP) which will ensure the required safeguards around the town’s water supply source are adhered to.

"QGC will supply treated CSG water to be transported through the Kenya to Chinchilla Weir Pipeline which has met water quality standards, under the approval issued by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and takes into consideration environmental and public health requirements," Mr Browne said.

"SunWater is committed to safeguarding public health and ensuring all water released through the pipeline meets the standards set by the Department of Energy and Water Supply before the treated CSG water is allowed to be discharged into the Chinchilla Weir."

Mr Browne said that SunWater had been in frequent contact with its customers regarding the timing and operation of the pipeline and that it had been eagerly awaited by the local agricultural community wishing to gain access to the water.

"Water is a valuable asset in the area and providing the district with a significant additional water supply will mean genuine benefits for the landholders along the pipeline route as well as for the greater Chinchilla community shortly after," he said.

"SunWater’s aim is to provide a beneficial CSG water management solution for regional Queensland and we are very excited that the completion of this pipeline infrastructure will ensure this for our customers in the Chinchilla region."

For more information about the project, visit the SunWater website www.sunwater.com.au/future-developments/kenya-chinchilla-weir.


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