No SunWater Lock Out

19 Nov 2012

Claims by the ETU today that SunWater had locked out its workforce in Bundaberg are false.

The Electrical Trades Union (ETU) advised SunWater that its members were undertaking a work stoppage on Tuesday 20 November 2012 from 11am to 3pm.

The ETU is currently taking protected industrial action against SunWater. This action consists of work stoppages and indefinite bans on overtime, after hours call back, high voltage switching and paperwork. This action only applies to some electricians, in some locations.

SunWater is surprised by this action given the recent application by the unions to Fair Work Australia for assistance with bargaining. SunWater viewed this as a positive step toward reaching agreement however tomorrow’s union action may impede progress.

SunWater is doing everything it can to minimise the effect of the work stoppages and bans so that water delivery to its customers remains unaffected.

A SunWater spokesperson said that due to the ETU’s timing of the work stoppage and the geographic requirements of SunWater’s operations, it is impractical for SunWater to offer work for the limited part of the day ETU members taking action would be available.

"SunWater has been meeting with the unions and other bargaining parties to try and reach agreement, and will continue to meet with these parties to reach an agreement."

"SunWater rejects claims they have not been negotiating in good faith and has offered a package to staff for a 3% pay increase, which would be fully funded by efficiencies and productivity improvements."


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