Kinchant Dam safety upgrade project commences

06 Aug 2012

SunWater today announced the commencement of construction of the Kinchant Dam Safety Upgrade project as part of its overarching program of dam safety upgrades.

The dam safety upgrade program was introduced in response to revised rainfall data captured by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), which calculated the likelihood of extreme rainfall events occurring in the future.

SunWater’s General Manager Infrastructure Development Mark Browne said this data from BOM was then incorporated into a risk assessment to identify what this meant for the dam and its capacity to withstand these extreme rainfall events.

"The Kinchant Dam is the fifth dam to be upgraded as part of this program and the construction works are being undertaken as a preventative measure to ensure the dam can better manage an extreme rainfall event, should it ever occur," he said.

"We’ve undertaken a recent safety audit of the dam to reveal it is safe and there are no major structural issues at present, which is why we are undertaking the upgrade now, to ensure its structural integrity is maintained into the future."

Mr Browne confirmed there would be a few impacts to the landholders situated adjacent to the dam. However, plans would be in place to ensure landholders and the general public are kept up-to-date on the project’s progress.

"The project is expected to only cause minor disruptions for public access to roads, boat ramps, picnic areas and other dam amenities," he said.

"Our main priority is for the safety of the general public during these works and there will be plenty of signage and safety barriers in place to assist the community to negotiate around the area."

The upgrade will not increase the water storage capacity of the dam and current water supply arrangements from the dam will not be affected by the project.

The $30 million project has been funded by the State Government. Construction is expected to continue until August 2013 and more information about the Kinchant Dam Safety Upgrade is located at


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