Irrigation channels not for swimming

26 Oct 2012

With recent hot weather around the state, SunWater is reminding the general public that irrigation channels are not safe to swim in under any circumstances.

SunWater's General Manager, Infrastructure Management, Tim Donaghy, said that there are a number of reasons why irrigation channels are extremely dangerous.

"Automatic gates in the channels can change the flow and depth of water quickly, making the environment unpredictable; the sides of channels are also very slippery making it easy to slip and fall and difficult to get out," Mr Donaghy said.

"It's for these reasons that we urge the general public to stay away from irrigation channels."

"We understand that when the weather is hot people look for places to swim; however, swimming in the channels is extremely dangerous and those who risk this run a high chance of drowning."

SunWater has clear signage around irrigation channels indicating that swimming is not permitted.

This year, SunWater has created a new safety advertising campaign to remind people to be mindful of dangers and to avoid risks around water infrastructure including irrigation channels.

Mr Donaghy said that SunWater liaises with police to monitor irrigation channels throughout Queensland and that SunWater encourages people to get in contact with SunWater or the local police if they notice anyone swimming in the irrigation channels.

"To report dangerous behaviour in irrigation channels people can call SunWater on 13 15 89 or their local police station," he said.

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