Fairbairn Dam Bridge traffic conditions changed

18 Jun 2012

SunWater is working with the Central Highlands Regional Council to manage changed traffic conditions at the Fairbairn Dam Bridge near Emerald.

Effective immediately access to and across the Fairbairn Dam Spillway Bridge has been temporarily closed and in future will be restricted to vehicles 10 tonne Gross and under.

SunWater General Manager Infrastructure Management said that SunWater advised the Central Highlands Regional Council of its concerns for the safety of road users crossing the Fairbairn Dam bridge, following the repeated recent sightings of a number of heavy vehicles crossing the bridge that clearly exceeded the 18 tonne Gross load limit.

"After we became aware that a number of heavy vehicles that appeared to have exceeded the gross load limit had crossed the Fairbairn Dam Bridge we engaged Roadtek to inspect the bridge," Mr Jeppesen said.

SunWater has received advice that the bridge has sustained some damage and that no vehicle over a 10 tonne Gross limit should use the bridge.

We have been advised by RoadTek that the Fairbairn Dam Spillway Bridge has been damaged over time by heavy vehicles irresponsibly using the bridge," Mr Jeppesen said.

"Council and SunWater have taken immediate action to close the bridge today as a precaution until traffic management can be put in place to enforce the load limit.

"Once traffic management is in place, the bridge will be re-opened to restricted loads and speeds."

SunWater said that additional measures were currently being discussed with the Council including installing works to physically restrict traffic to light vehicles and undertaking more detailed monitoring.

"We apologise for any inconvenience, but ensuring public safety must come first," Mr Jeppesen said.


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