Connors River Dam and Pipeline Project Receives EIS Approval

20 Apr 2012

SunWater yesterday achieved a significant milestone following the Federal Government approval of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Connors River Dam and Pipelines project.

The project has been identified as a solution to meet Central Queensland’s water supply needs and provide long term benefits for the regional economy.

SunWater’s Chief Executive, Peter Boettcher said the approval was a significant milestone in delivering the $1.2 billion dam and pipeline project.

"The EIS approval is subject to the strict conditions outlined in reports created under the bilateral agreement between the State and Federal Governments," he said.

"These conditions include detailed on-going monitoring and reporting requirements to mitigate the environmental, economic and social impacts associated with the project, which should provide confidence to the community that SunWater will meet the high standards required during construction and operation."

The EIS process lasted approximately two years and included an assessment of SunWater’s EIS document, reviews and submissions by the community and a Supplementary EIS document with associated materials in response to those submissions where appropriate.

Mr Boettcher said the community had the opportunity to provide their feedback on the EIS and raise any concerns or issues they had to be addressed as part of this process.

"We welcomed the feedback received as it contributed to the EIS process and gave assurance to the community that matters would be addressed, avoided, mitigated or offset in a transparent manner," he said.

"SunWater sees the resolution of the EIS as important milestone for the project and should the project ultimately satisfy all conditions it will deliver a secure and reliable water supply to the Bowen Basin and surrounding regions."

The project includes the construction of the Connors River Dam, with a storage capacity of 373,540ML of water and a 133 kilometre pipeline to transport the water from the Connors River Dam to Moranbah.

"Now that we have received EIS approval, we will be able to progress commercial discussions with our customers, our major suppliers and the project financiers with confidence that the project has cleared a major milestone in the development process," Mr Boettcher said.

"SunWater remains focused on delivering the Connors River Dam and Pipelines project, to provide this vital piece of water infrastructure to support Central Queensland’s coal industry future, provide long-term benefits for the region’s economy and secure a reliable water supply for the townships of Moranbah and Nebo."


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