Pipeline set to deliver additional water supply to Chinchilla community

28 Sep 2011

SunWater has commenced construction of a 20km buried pipeline that will be used to transport treated coal seam gas water to the town of Chinchilla and local farmers as part of the proposed Chinchilla Beneficial Use Scheme.

The first project of its kind in Queensland, SunWater will transport treated coal seam gas (CSG) water from QGC’s Kenya water treatment plant along the Kenya to Chinchilla Weir Pipeline.

The water will be distributed to farmers along the pipeline and within the Condamine River, between the same boundaries as the Chinchilla Weir Water Supply Scheme. 

Water will also be used to supplement the local town water supply through the Chinchilla Beneficial Use Scheme. This will ensure the total volume of CSG water produced is used within the Scheme.

The water will be treated by QGC to the water quality standard determined by the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM), taking into consideration environmental requirements and public health. 

Prior to commissioning, SunWater, Western Downs Regional Council and QGC will have a Recycled Water Management Plan (RWMP) in place to ensure there are the required safeguards around drinking water supplies. This plan will be reviewed and approved by the Office of the Water Supply Regulator (within DERM) before any water is discharged into the weir.

SunWater’s General Manager of Infrastructure Development, Mark Browne, said that there had been a lot of interest from the local community to gain access to the water provided by the project.

“Providing the district with a significant additional water supply means the possibility of more local employment and financial benefit to the community,” Mr Browne said.

Consultation with landholders along the route of the pipeline and existing water allocation holders along the Condamine River have proved positive, with many expressing a strong interest in securing access to the treated CSG water.

“SunWater’s aim is to provide a beneficial CSG water management solution for regional Queensland,” Mr Browne said.

“We are very excited that the development of this pipeline will ensure this for our customers in the Chinchilla region.”

Construction is expected to be completed by December this year, with first water anticipated to be flowing through the pipeline shortly after.

For more information about the project, visit the SunWater website www.sunwater.com.au/future-developments/kenya-chinchilla


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