New buoy line installed at Peter Faust Dam

02 Nov 2011

SunWater today announced that a new buoy line has been installed at Peter Faust Dam to enhance the safety of the dam.

SunWater Area Operations Manager Far North, Jim Mummery said that the buoy line has been placed 200 metres from the dam wall structure to comply with Maritime Safety Queensland regulations.

"The new safety buoy line was inserted at Peter Faust Dam to ensure that all visitors using the dam remain a reasonable distance from the spillway at all times." Mr Mummery said.

"During periods of high rainfall the storage water level can rise quickly and fill the dam causing over topping of the dam spillway. If people are too close too the spillway during one of these events, it could result in people or boats being washed over the spillway which is a great safety concern."

Mr Mummery said that the new buoy line is not a response to a recent spillway incident, but an example of SunWater's commitment to taking precautionary safety measures to prevent potential accidents.

"SunWater takes dam safety very seriously," he said.

"Visitors and regular users of the dam should be aware that the new buoy line has been installed as a matter of public safety and that the area behind the buoy line cannot be accessed for any activity."

The buoy line was installed across the Eastern Spillway end of Peter Faust Dam.

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