Update on Fairbairn Dam Spill Event

21 Feb 2010

Location: Emerald - Central Queensland.
This information is current as of Sunday 21/2, 2010.

SunWater is continuing to operate Fairbairn Dam at Stage One of the dam's emergency action plan (EAP).

The dam is currently at 107.5% of capacity and holding 1,375,730 megalitres.

Water is currently 62 centimetres above the spillway crest and is expected to rise to at least 100 centimetres above the spillway crest over the next 24-48 hours.

The dam rose by 6.8% in the past 24 hours after receiving 88,800 megalitres of inflow from recent rainfall across the region.

Fairbairn Dam has a holding capacity of 1,301,000 megalitres.

Representatives from Emerald’s Counter Disaster Committee and other relevant local authorities have been made aware of the EAP activation by SunWater.

SunWater will continue to liaise with all relevant authorities during this EAP event and will continue to provide further updates to media as they become available. 

Further dam level information can be obtained by contacting SunWater's Glenn Pfluger on 0407 574 663. 

Further details on local flood management arrangements can be obtained by contacting the Emerald Counter Disaster Committee or Emerald Police on (07) 498 38100.

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