SunWater advice on Burdekin Falls Dam

07 Oct 2010

Advice No.2
Date and Time: 6:00am - 07/10/2010
Water Storage: Burdekin Falls Dam
Location: Ravenswood
Dam Level: 100%
Full Supply Level: 1,860,000 megalitres
Event/Issue: Overflow event

As owner and operator of Burdekin Falls Dam SunWater is advising of a continued overflow event.

SunWater is advising that continued significant inflows into the Burdekin Falls Dam catchment over the past 8-10 days resulted in the dam overflowing on 06/10/10 at 2:00am.

As at 6:00am today (07/10/10), water levels were 10cm over the spillway crest and being discharged at a rate of approximately 3083 megalitres per day.

The dam level increased 1.2% in the past 24 hours representing a 22,500 megalitre increase in water volume.

Inflow gauges have indicated water levels are steadily rising in the Suttor River.

Inflow monitoring data indicates the level of water over the spillway will increase over the next 72 hours but increases will be well within the dam’s design parameters.

SunWater will continue to monitor dam inflows and manage the dams in line with normal operating guidelines.

SunWater has contacted all relevant local authorities to advise them of the spillway overflow and will continue to liaise with them as required.

SunWater will provide further updates on the spillway overflow as more new information becomes available.


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