Safety assured for Paradise Dam

31 Dec 2010

SunWater has reassured the public that Paradise Dam is intact and is safely passing floodwaters through the spillway.

SunWater General Manager Barry Jeppesen has confirmed that no structural issues have been identified at the dam since it commenced overflowing.

“Rumors of cracks in the dam are completely untrue and unsubstantiated and have been extremely unhelpful causing unnecessary concern in the region,” Mr Jeppesen said.

“SunWater staff have been working round the clock monitoring and operating Paradise Dam while it has been operating in Flood Operations Mode, undertaking regular checks of the dam.”

“At no time have our operators noticed anything irregular or of concern,” Mr Jeppesen said.

“SunWater’s Dams have been designed to safety pass flood water through their purpose built spillways, and Paradise is no different.”

“Paradise Dam is operating as it should and is safely passing the floodwaters,” Mr Jeppesen said.

SunWater Area Operations Manager Central Nev Wogandt said, the peak overflow at the dam was reached at around 5:45am on Wednesday 29 December 2010, where the water was recorded at 5.96 metres above the spillway.

“At its peak the dam was discharging 2.6 times its full storage capacity each day, in a controlled and safe manner through the spillway,” Mr Wogandt said.

“At the peak of the overflow, the dam was passing the equivalent to 793,000 ML per day. The storage was at 180% of capacity and storing 540,000 ML.”

 “Currently the dam is at 134% of capacity storing 427,000 ML and discharging 343,000 ML per day,” Mr Wogandt said.

The dam’s total capacity at crest level is 300,000 ML at Full Supply Level.

SunWater said the inflows were the highest on record for the dam and it was continuing to monitor major inflows into the catchment.

SunWater will continue to monitor inflows into its dams’ catchments and based on that data will operate its dams in line with established dam operating guidelines.

SunWater is in constant contact with all relevant local authorities to advise them of the water release and the course of action being taken and will continue to liaise with them and other stakeholders as required.

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