Deluge results in dam history

29 Dec 2010

History was made today with Cania Dam filling for the first time since it was constructed.

SunWater Area Operations Manager Nev Wogandt said that Cania Dam commenced spilling at 4am today for the first time since the dam was constructed in 1982.

“Located on Three Moon Creek near Monto, the highest Cania Dam has ever reached was 75.6% in February 1991, with the lowest level being 3.3% in February 2003,” Mr Wogandt said.

“Cania Dam is currently at 240mm above the spillway and passing 10,00ML/day and rising with further inflows expected as the weather continues to cause flooding across the region.”

“Although it’s pleasing to see the dam at full capacity, given that this time last year Cania Dam was holding only 5.1%, the extreme weather has caused flooding and serious damage across the region,” Mr Wogandt said.

Mr Wogandt said that Cania Dam is designed to safely pass water over the spillway when the dam’s water storage is above full capacity and there are no concerns associated with the safety of the dam’s infrastructure.

SunWater staff will continue to monitor the flows passing through Cania Dam and is liaising with the local disaster management authorities and other stakeholders in line with the dam’s operating guidelines.


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