Tonnes of steel and concrete ensures Tinaroo dam’s ready for anything

23 Sep 2009

Hot on the heels of its 50th anniversary celebrations earlier this month, work on the Tinaroo Falls Dam spillway upgrade continues to be on schedule and budget.

To date more than 100 tonnes of reinforced steel and 280 truckloads of concrete have been used in the $21m upgrade which, when completed, will to bring the dam into line with the world’s highest safety standards.

The project is part of SunWater’s ongoing statewide dam upgrade program and will focus on the main dam wall and the nearby saddle dam.

SunWater Mareeba Regional Manager Charlie Martens said the program is part of SunWater’s on-going dam safety program, and will ensure that our dams continue to be safe, in light of evolving standards, new climate data and in the event of much larger extreme rainfall.

“While the probability of such an event occurring is very small, this upgrade program is a proactive step to ensure all SunWater dams are capable of withstanding extreme rainfall events and are up to Australia’s highest standard of dam safety.

“The project involves the construction of an erosion protection slab structure along the downstream base of the main dam wall and the insertion of high tension steel cables to anchor the dam wall to foundation bedrock,” Mr Martens said.

 “Construction of the erosion protection slab is nearing completion and work on the insertion of steel cable anchors will commence soon.

“Construction crews will be on site in October to begin work on dam wall anchoring, and early next year work will begin work on the saddle dam, which will involve increasing the height and adding filter zones to protect it from seepage,” he said.

Work on upgrade was expected to be completed by late 2010.

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