Tinaroo Falls Dam Spillway Upgrade Project Underway

30 Apr 2009

SunWater construction crews have started work on a $21 million spillway upgrade that will enable Tinaroo Falls Dam to manage flood waters more effectively during extreme rainfall events.

SunWater Construction Manager Phil Webber said drilling rigs had been on site taking core samples since last week and heavy machinery had now been moved into place to carry out the extensive excavation work required.

It is expected the work crew will finish the project by late 2010.

Mr Webber said the project was part of an ongoing dam safety upgrade program being conducted by SunWater, in response to revised industry standards for dam safety.

New dam safety regulations were established in 2007 following the Bureau of Meteorology’s revision of the method used to estimate extreme rainfall events, he said.

"While the probability of an extreme rainfall event occurring is very low, it is possible, and as a responsible dam safety owner and operator it would be remiss of SunWater not to take action," Mr Webber said.

“The dam is already extremely safe but this upgrade will enable it to better manage potential excess water in the future.

"It’s highly unlikely but important that we ensure dams can safely handle floods where extreme rainfall is identified as a possibility,” he said.

SunWater has already successfully completed spillway upgrades at Fred Haigh Dam near Gin Gin, Bjelke-Petersen Dam near Murgon and Borumba Dam near Imbil.

Mr Webber said downstream water supplies to customers would not be affected during the upgrade project but the dam wall viewing area would be closed to public access during construction.

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