SunWater Appoints new Chief Executive Officer

30 May 2008

A new chapter for Queensland’s leading bulk water supplier began today with the announcement by SunWater Chairman Phil Hennessy of the appointment of Peter Boettcher as the corporation’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Mr Hennessy said the CEO appointment was the second since SunWater was first established as a corporation in 2000 and followed last year’s retirement of Peter Noonan.

Mr Hennessy said the successful appointment came after an extensive Australia-wide search by the Board for suitable candidates to lead SunWater as it diversified its business offerings.

“A range of high calibre individuals were identified and considered by the SunWater Board and I am pleased to confirm Mr Boettcher was the successful candidate for our CEO position,” Mr Hennessy said.

“Mr Boettcher has proved to be an outstanding performer in his role as General Manager and more recently as our Chief Operating Officer and his strong leadership abilities and astute business acumen has only been reinforced during his time as our Acting CEO.  

As SunWater’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr Boettcher was responsible for ensuring continued improvement of the corporation’s commercial performance in the marketplace and expanding the range of services it offered within Australia.

“It was these strong leadership capabilities, combined with his deep understanding of the nature of SunWater’s business, its challenges and opportunities that made Mr Boettcher a clear choice for the CEO role.”

“With more than 19 years experience within the water industry and through his executive management roles with SunWater since it was corporatised in 2000, Mr Boettcher has an outstanding track record and is recognised as a leading authority on water infrastructure development and management.

“The Board is confident Mr Boettcher’s comprehensive understanding of SunWater’s people, its customers and assets and his ability to meet the challenges of economic and industrial reform in Queensland, will enable him to lead the corporation into the future.

“On behalf of SunWater’s Board and Staff, we are pleased Mr Boettcher has accepted the position and we are confident he and SunWater’s Executive Management Team will deliver a successful and prosperous future for SunWater, our people and customers,” he said.

Mr Boettcher said he was delighted with the appointment and looked forward to leading SunWater into the future and leveraging the company’s strong market position into new areas of growth.

“SunWater is the clear leader in the development of bulk water infrastructure in Regional Queensland,” Mr Boettcher said.

“It is essential that SunWater works closely with the Queensland resources sector to ensure that the necessary water infrastructure is available to support that industries continued development.

“It is also crucial to ensure that we continue to deliver cost effective services to our irrigation customers to enable that industry to reach its full potential.

“With the impacts of climate change and drought, it is clearer than ever that solutions to local water supply issues, will often require a regional or inter regional solution, SunWater is the obvious choice for delivering those solutions.”

“SunWater will continue to focus on ensuring it delivers professional and cost effective infrastructure management services for all its customers, including mining and commercial industry, local governments, or our irrigators,” he said.

Mr Boettcher holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Southern Queensland and an MBA from Deakin University.

Mr Boettcher will take up his position as CEO of SunWater immediately.

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