State’s leading water supplier sets up Toowoomba office

19 Sep 2008

Regional Queensland’s leading water services company, SunWater, officially opened their new Toowoomba office today with Toowoomba Regional Councillors Joe Ramia and Ian Orford present to help mark the occasion.

SunWater CEO Peter Boettcher said that the decision to move to Toowoomba was to take advantage of the city’s well established services and facilities and prosper from the region’s diverse business opportunities.

“Over the last 80 years, SunWater has built and now owns and operates a regional network of water supply infrastructure which supports irrigated agriculture, mining, power generation, industry and urban development.

“We are always looking to strengthen our position in the water market and we feel that a local presence in Toowoomba offers us diverse opportunities to service all of our target sectors,” Mr Boettcher said.

Mr Boettcher believes that as the region’s development potential is beginning to be realised and new industries start to relocate to the area, a secure water supply will be required to support and maintain this growth.

“Toowoomba is attractively situated near an industrial growth area and the move has meant SunWater can tap into service opportunities, such as designing, building and operating large industrial pipelines for the ever expanding mining and gas industries within the Surat Basin,” Mr Boettcher said.

SunWater Toowoomba Regional Manager Colin Bendall said that the move will bring the organisation closer to customers in the Macintyre Brook, St George, Upper Condamine, Chinchilla, Maranoa and Cunnamulla Schemes.

“Having a presence in Toowoomba means we can now be more accessible to our customers and therefore provide them with better levels of service,” Mr Bendall said.

The new office joins SunWater’s nine other Business Centres and Service Centres located throughout regional Queensland. 

Although the office may be new, Mr Bendall highlighted that the number of skilled employees that were able to be recruited locally has allowed SunWater to get straight to work.

“The staff members who have been appointed have local knowledge of developments and opportunities in the area which will certainly assist SunWater to expand its business activities in and around the region,” Mr Bendall said.

The office contact details are as follows: 
Phone: 07 4638 2508
Fax: 07 4638 5649
Postal address:
Unit 2/ 7 Foundry St or PO Box 1865
Toowoomba QLD 4350

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