Dams will be a big drawcard for Easter holidaymakers

14 Mar 2008

Easter holidaymakers heading to some of Queensland’s popular dams for a break will find they now have plenty of water on offer thanks to heavy downpours in recent months.

The major inflows into the dams will ensure boaties, anglers and campers will be well catered for during the holidays.

A SunWater spokesperson said many of the organisation’s dams offered a great location for some well-earned rest and recreation.

“The wet weather has certainly boosted dam levels in time for Easter after a number of years at extremely low levels in the region and visitors are sure to flock to the dams to enjoy what they have to offer,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson encouraged people to take time out to enjoy the dam waterways, but urged them to use caution and be aware of the risks.

“Dams are great places to bring the family for the holidays and we encourage people to enjoy what’s on offer, but at the same time take care to make it the fun it should be,” he said.

“With many dams now more than half full, there is some concern that visitors may become complacent and disregard risks such as submerged stumps and rocks near the shoreline.

“Whether a dam is full, half full or empty, submerged hazards such as stumps and rocks are still present and can injure water skiers, boaties or swimmers.

“All we ask is that people show due care and attention when using dam waterways to ensure their holiday does not end in injury or worse - a tragedy.”

“It only takes general commonsense to play it safe on the water.

“Boaties need to keep well clear of swimmers, only tow skiers in deeper areas of the lake and never venture too close to dam and weir walls.

“Swimmers should be careful not to outswim their abilities and always keep away from stumped areas that contain lake debris.

“Common injuries recorded this year include fishermen falling out of boats, swimmers being run over by boats and jet-skis, people being washed over weirs in inflatable rafts and serious cuts and broken bones occurring while intoxicated - all of which could have been prevented by showing some commonsense,” he said.

People could log on to www.sunwater.com or call 1315 89 for more information on dam facilities and conditions.

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