Dam jumpers putting themselves at risk: SunWater

24 Jan 2008

People jumping off Leslie Dam have been warned they not only risk injury but also a penalty for their actions.

SunWater Regional Manager Colin Bendall said ample signage erected at the dam site warned people that entry into the water infrastructure was prohibited and he urged the public to heed those warnings.

“I am disappointed to hear reports of this behaviour as it is dangerous and SunWater will not hesitate to act on any reports or sightings of this type of activity occurring,” Mr Bendall said.

“People doing this need to realise they not only endanger themselves but also those that may be required to render rescue assistance.

“The recent inflows into the dam have brought a lot more debris into the catchment area and these pose even further risks to people if they get caught up in congested water weed or inadvertently jump head first into a submerged log.

“People need to also understand that the Leslie Dam gates and underwater pumps can activate and operate at any time of the day and being in close vicinity at that time could pose a risk,” he said.

Signage at the dam states that people should not enter into water infrastructure site and remain at least 200 metres either side of dam or weir walls at all times.

Mr Bendall said SunWater would step up its regular patrols to ensure people are adhering to the signage at the dam.

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