Bundaberg and Burnett dams have benefited from recent rainfall across the region.

06 Feb 2008

Bundaberg and Burnett dams have benefited from recent rainfall across the region.

SunWater Corporate Strategy Manager Tom Vanderbyl said Bjelke-Petersen, Fred Haigh and Paradise dams had all recorded useful inflows as a result of coastal rains pushing inland over catchment areas.

Mr Vanderbyl said SunWater had been closely monitoring the volume of inflow being received to see if it resulted in increases to allocations.

“Currently we are witnessing some widespread rainfall across the region which is certainly very welcome and in particular for Bjelke-Petersen Dam, which has been at extremely low levels for some time,” Mr Vanderbyl said.

“I think all would agree that after such a long dry spell with very little inflow to these dams, any catchment run off is well received and hopefully this most recent rainfall event is a sign of a shift in the prospects of more good, drenching rainfall to come,” Mr Vanderbyl said.

Mr Vanderbyl said we only had to look at the recent inflow event at Boondooma Dam, which received over 28,000 megalitres and rose by 13% in 24 hours, to see that good inflows in the region are still very much a possibility.

“If we received a further three inches of rain across the catchment areas we would certainly see a dramatic improvement in available water supply throughout the region.” he said.

Dam Levels as at 6 February 2008

Bjelke-Petersen Dam is currently at 6.7% (9070ML) and has received 1459Ml in the last 24 hours (increase of 1.1%).

Fred Haigh Dam is currently at 18.8% (105,532ML) and has received 1311ML in the last 24 hours.

Paradise Dam is currently at 22.2% (66758ML) and has received 11,098ML in the last 24 hours (increase of 3.7%).

Boondooma Dam is currently at 35.3% (71955ML) and has received 28,000ML in the last 24 hours (increase of 13.6%).

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